July Family Reunion

I guess it's really never to late to post about your family reunion, even if it was 3 months ago. Not all of our family reunions have been good, but this one was great. My kids really enjoyed themselves. I really enjoyed myself. We stayed at my aunt Julie and uncle Dawight's house in southern Utah. I think sometimes living in the suburbs you forget how low key and quite the country can be.

Our first item of business there was to meet up with my cousin from Colorado and her kids. My kids where so excited to see thier cousins. It had been over a year since they had seen each other, but you never would have know it. They blended together like they had seen each other last week.

One of my cousin's in-laws let us have our family reunion at thier house (which I'm sure they are still regretting to this day). This place was pretty neat. They had miniature golf (right next to the cow coral only in the country), horse back riding, skeet shooting and you could go and feed chickens and baby cows, and then the dreaded....

FOUR-WHEELING... Holy cow. There has to be some kind of drama that happens at every family reunion and this was it (at least this was my drama for the reunion). Trying to stop my kids from taking out the four-wheelers BY THEMSELVES when all the other kids where doing it was impossible. So I resorted to threatening them with thier lives if they crashed and ruined the four-wheelers. I was really nervous the whole time they where on them that something bad was going to happen. Especially if you look closely at the pictures above you see, no helmets. So you can imagine how relieved I was when it wasn't my kids who crashed. I'm sorry that other family members kids crashed but, I'm glad it was your kids and not mine. Thier kids where okay, a little cut-up, bruised and shaken, but they recovered. All and all that day was a really fun day for the kids.

This is a picture of my Mom, my aunt Peggy (who's kids crashed on the four-wheeler..oops I shouldn't have said that) my aunt Beverly, my aunt Julie (who's house we stayed at and my kids fell in love with my uncle Dawight. In fact Sariah, was so mad at me for not inviting him to her birthday party recently, because he said he would come if we told him when it was. okay enough of my tangent), and my Grandma.
These are my uncles cows that my kids got to go help feed. Abby thought that was so neat. My kids weren't sure what to think when I told them we get to eat them next year..MMMMM
Every time we make our way to southern Utah we visit both my grandfathers graves, it had been along time since I've visited them. I really really miss them.

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Kara said...

I'm glad you've included family on your blog. It will be very nice to keep up to speed now, since we will be across the country. yay!