Annual Halloween Party

We had our Annual Halloween Party last night. It's always a lot of fun. The kids really enjoy it.

This is the menu everyone gets. The names on the right side of the menu is your food and your utensils. No one knows what anything is and those who do have to have someone else fill their menu out. Once you have all four Courses filled out you can go get your food. So sometimes you get a main course without any utensils to eat it with or there has been times when I've gotten all my utensils in one course and nothing to eat. It's really a lot of fun.
As you can see everyone dressed their best for the occasion. Abby was a witch but she took her costume off before we ate.
Halloween Is So Much Fun. BOOOOOO


Sheri said...

pearkisOh my goodness. No wonder you're going to be a "stressed out mom" for Halloween. I love parties but throwing one would give me an anxiety attack. It looks like it was a really good time.

Sheri said...

I dont know why my comment says "pearkis". How did that get there?