Easter Bunny Buns

I was going through my mom's older recipes recently and came across this recipe for bunny buns. When I was younger I remember watching my mom in the kitchen, with this recipe sitting on the counter, rolling out the dough to make these bunnies. She would make up some batches and then take them to friends and neighbors. The recipe still has the grease and flour stains from all those years ago.
I decided to make the buns with my kids for a fun activity. I made up the dough and gave each kid a ball to form into bunnies.

I think my kids did pretty good with the instructions. The only thing is, this is all the buns they made. The recipe is suppose to make 2 1/2 dozen. I guess that's why my mom always rolled out the dough instead of us.

After they where done baking I let them frost and decorate the ones they made.

I think they turned out pretty cute. They may not look exactly like the picture, but that's okay. I'm hoping to make these every Easter. Then when my kids get older they can find this recipe and have it bring back memories of their childhood (but maybe next time I'll roll out the dough).


The April fools jokes went pretty much how I thought they would. It took a bit of encouragement to get my kids to try the drinks. I guess they know me to well, they where worried I had put something in them. They where surprised and probably a bit relieved to find out it was only jello.

The Homeschooling gag was pretty funny, at least I thought it was funny. I kept it up for quit awhile and the two older ones went through all the stages of grieving. Denial, anger, sadness they didn't make it to acceptance. My little miss sunshine however was excited about the idea of staying home from school(she has issues with school).

This is the devastated faces of my children. They even threatened that they would go and get on the bus in the morning to go to school, and I couldn't stop them. I know I'm mean, but it really was funny. Next year I'm planning on hanging fake spiders from their ceiling while they are sleeping. I can almost hear the screams now. HAHAHA April Fools a day to mentally screw up your kids.

April Fools

I like April fools day. You can get away with almost anything, in the spirit of the day.
I have my kids April fools jokes ready. I went to Family Fun and decided to do the Gelled Juice. I've also printed out a home school schedule to inform my kids that this is their last week of school. Next week we start homeschooling. So while they are trying to drink jello I will go over our homeschooling routine. This is going to be fun. I wonder what other things I can come up with before the day is over. HAHAHA April Fools!!!