What Is That?

For the past few weeks I’ve been walking the girls to school with some of their friends. I don’t know why they think this is so much fun, personally I would rather take the bus, but its good exercise and they enjoy it. Well now that Halloween is over and people have started putting out their Thanksgiving decorations we have walked by a few homes with these large inflatable turkeys. A few days ago my littlest one says to me

“What’s that on the chicken’s nose? Is that a worm?”

Not remembering what that hanging things was called, I just said

“No, it’s just a thing and it’s not a chicken, it’s a turkey.”

Now apparently she didn’t think my explanation of the snood (and yes I had to look that up) was very good because a few days later when we walked past it again she looks up at me with her hand over her mouth, a horrified look on her face and says between dry heaves

“Is that a booger?”

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