Ramblings of a Housewife

This is a fun little ditty that was emailed to me. These are definitely some of my favorite things.


Kara said...

I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who lives for bedtime and naptime and bedtime and naptime!

Kara said...

Hey Ann, it's me again. I have an unrelated blog comment. I NEED a gps for my car and am wondering how much the monthly service is for your tomtom? Seth's a cheapskate and thinks we can "get by without a gps." He can get by, but I on the other hand am home bound because every time I drive somewhere I miss stupid exits and end up in the next city.....As you can tell, I am frustrated. I've read reviews online and so far tomtom owners have been happy. Plus, it's a little cheaper than some of the others. Does yours recognize addresses that are street names?