A Griswold Christmas - Part 2

We finally got our Christmas tree decorated a few days ago( I know, that sounds really bad). I decided this year to let go of my OCD issues and let the kids decorate the tree how they wanted it. Most of the ornaments stayed close to the bottom of the tree. They tried to throw some decorations up to the top, but they didn't stick.
The garland around the tree was a great idea of mine. I decided to have the kids string popcorn and cranberries( I really need to stop coming up with ideas). They were so excited to work on it the first 30minutes, but it quickly grew old after awhile, and one by one they stopped working.

It was quit hilarious watching them decorate the tree. They had to put gloves on so they wouldn't get poked by all the needles. Every little bit you would hear someone cry out "ouch" even Jim put on his glove and coat to string the lights. Although it's been kinda fun to have a real tree this year. I think I will go back to my pre-lit fake tree next year.

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