A Griswold Christmas - Part 1

Jim and I had a brilliant idea this year to take the kids and get a real Christmas tree. Well actually I'm blaming Brian and Alisha for doing it with their family first, which put the great idea in our heads.We went to a local tree farm about 30 minutes from our house. All their trees over 10ft where $25.00 so of course that's what where looking for.
Who knew finding a 10ft tree that everyone liked was going to be so hard. Tears were shed, tantrums where thrown, and arguments pursued on which tree was perfect.

After an hour of searching ..Ta-Da,, this was our tree. At least it was going to be whether everyone liked it or not.

We gave each kid a turn at sawing down the tree.

Well what a time we had. Even with all the crying and arguing I do think the kids had a lot of fun. Who knows maybe we'll do this every year or every 10 years.


Kara said...

Looks like fun! Hehehehe. It will be nice to have a real tree though. I love the way they smell. I love, love, love Abby's people, I wish I had two skinny legs and no bum too! How was the Farnsworth Thanksgiving? Did you have the fried turkey and did people show up? I think I will call later, I'd like to know how things went.

Camille Cottle said...

That is awesome. I am sure we would have had the same outcome. When we were kids, my parents always took us to get a real tree at a farm. We would have to be REAL quiet to listen for which tree talked to us to tell us to buy it. It sounds dumb now, but quite magical then. Bring on the holidays.